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Subscriber Lists

We’re excited to announce Subscriber Lists is out of beta! A powerful new feature that will give you even more control over your email notifications. You can now organize your subscribers into lists, making it easier than ever to target the exact audience you want to alert.

Open Graph (OG) Images

Get ready to stand out on social media! We’re thrilled to announce that we are now dynamically generating Open Graph (OG) images for all release notes and roadmap items, making them more eye-catching in social media feeds.

Plain Email Template

And finally, we’re introducing our new Plain Email Template. This slim, minimalist design is focused solely on the content of your release notes, ensuring that your subscribers can focus on what’s important without any unnecessary distractions.


Ability to update the release change item type.


Subscriber Lists is out of beta. 👏


Added horizontal line support.


Fixed the label filter bug.


Fixed the invalid file type upload error handler.


Fixed the roadmap deletion bug.


Fixed the editor menu dropdown focus bug.


Fixed the shared release project.


Fixed the roadmap upvote count.


Removed the dark mode image contrast filter.

March 2023
Advanced Page Protection

Introducing the latest additions to Onset's suite of features, JWT Single Sign-on and Protected Page Scopes. Our goal with these features is to enhance the overall user experience by streamlining the login process while providing maximum flexibility and control.

JWT Single Sign-on

JWT SSO allows you to authenticate users in your systems, tell Onset that the user has been authenticated, and grant your visitors access to your page.

Protected Page Scopes

Page Scopes allow you to publicize Release Notes and Roadmap items with specific projects or labels while maintaining secure, authorized access to the rest of the content.

JWT SSO and Page Scopes are ready for public beta and available for testing. You can enable them from the Onset Labs page.


Added /robots.txt to public pages.


Added new “Preferences” page to manage all page related settings.


Moved settings options from the Privacy page to the new Preferences page.


Fixed the pagination bug related to release and roadmap list page.


Excluded unsubscribed emails from the “All Subscribers” list.


Fixed the page content reload on project and label updates.

January 2023
Schedule It for Later

Schedule It for Later

Happy New Year! 🥳

We are kicking off this year with exciting news. Scheduled Releases is now in public beta and ready for you to try. This new feature allows you to create and schedule release notes to be published up to one month ahead.

When creating a new release, select a future release date and time to publish, set up your notification settings, and we will take care of the rest. You can continue making edits to your release note while it’s in the scheduled state.

In order to use this feature, you must enable Scheduled Release Notes via Onset Labs.


Added an option to disable Roadmap upvotes and hide upvote count from your public page.


New Alerts settings page allows you to customize email alert sender address and name.


New Unsubscribed page to view recently unsubscribed recipients.


Added new webhook events:

  • release:scheduled - occurs whenever a release is scheduled.
  • release:reverted - occurs whenever a release is reverted.
  • roadmap:unarchived - occurs whenever a roadmap is unarchived.

Using youtube-nocookie.com URL for the YouTube video embed to reduce third-party cookies.


Appending ?dnt=1 to embedded Vimeo video URLS to reduce third-party cookies.


Hiding noisy buttons from the embedded Loom video player.


Improved the light/dark application theme.


Password reset token.


Fixed the release and roadmap slug field bug.


Fixed the changeset type for publicly shared releases via link.

November 2022
All About the Attachments

We are excited to announce that the long waited attachments feature has finally landed! Now you can link external resources to roadmap items and release notes.

In addition to external resources, attachments allow you to associate release notes with roadmap items and vice versa.

Currently, we support three types of attachments:

  • Links
  • File (10MB limit)
  • Roadmap ←→ Release relations
October 2022

Application v4.1.0

We have been working hard and have exciting new features to share!

Application Dark Mode

Our journey to the dark side is complete. You can set your preferred appearance permanently in the User Settings or have it switch based on your system preference.

Emoji Support 👋

Typing : will bring up a list of suggested emojis. The list will filter as you type, so once you find the emoji you're looking for, select it from the list and press Enter to complete the highlighted result.

We are working on automatically converting common emoticons into emojis next.

Customize Release Changeset Status

The default release change types can now be customized to suit your workflow better. This feature is frequently requested, and we are happy to deliver it 🙂. Add, edit or change the color of release changeset types in Settings → Workflow.

Page Visibility Settings

We’ve added new visibility options to give finer control over who can see your page. Previously, to make your page visible publicly, you had to have at least one public release note or a roadmap item, and your page would automatically be available to the public. Going forward, you are required to toggle page visibility manually. All pages are defaulted to hidden, and you choose when you want to share it with the world.

Available Options:

  • Hidden: page is hidden from the public.
  • Public: page is visible to everyone.
  • Password Protected: page is visible only to ones with a password.

Custom Page CSS

We have fully revamped our public page and made it extensible. Business tier users can now insert custom CSS stylesheets under Settings → Appearance and have better control over the look and feel of the page.


Share-links are now out of beta.


Password-protected pages are now out of beta.


New Workflow settings that allows you to customize release changeset options.


New user Preference settings added to control interface theme option.


Showing release reaction count on hover.


Centralized all import functionality under one roof. Migrated Subscriber CSV and Mailchimp import settings into Settings → Import.


Sorting application roadmap items by hotness 🔥 rank (coming soon for the Widget and Page).


Updated the sample data for new organizations.


Fixed the privacy settings bug.


Fixed the changeset CMD/CTRL+RETURN keyboard shortcut.


Page visibility now controlled via toggle in Settings → Privacy.


Increased member privilege. Organization members now can create, edit, and delete projects.

September 2022
Share Your Releases Privately

Share Your Releases Privately

  • September 19, 2022
  • Pages
  • v3.2.0

Another exciting release, friends!

Occasionally you want to share a draft version of your release notes before publishing them to the world. We are testing a new “Public Share Link” feature that allows you to generate a unique link for your releases and share them with anyone outside your organization. The release can be in any state, private, or draft.

We generated a share link for one of our private draft releases as a demo. Click here to check it out.

You can enable this feature via Settings → Labs.

P.S. It’s also great for previewing your release notes before making them publicly available.

July 2022
Introducing Hero Images

Make your first impression count with the help of a hero image! Or is it gyro 🥙? Don’t matter! With this new feature, you can add a large, flashy image to your release note showing off your cool new feature.


Added release hero(🥙) image!


Displaying release activity log.


New snazzy icon set.


Fixed the release change drag and remove actions.


Fixed Google Analytics cookie domain.

June 2022

Hola! Bonjour! Guten tag! Olá! Hallo!

We are excited to share that you can now change the default language of your public page. This highly anticipated feature is currently in public beta and only available to our 👬 Team and 👔 Business members.

Languages we are currently supporting:

  • English
  • Español
  • Português
  • Français
  • Deutsch
  • Nederlands

You can enable this feature via Settings → Labs. Once turned on, you should see a “Page Language” dropdown in the Settings → Appearance section of your page settings.

Also, don’t be worried. The selected language will also apply to the release notifications.

If you require translation to another language, no problem, reach out to us!

Widget v2.0.0

We got a ton of new features for you! A few notable ones are:

  • Unread release badges - notify your users of new releases by showing the count in the trigger badge. We check for new releases every five(5) minutes.
  • Widget directions - adjust the direction widget window appears. You can emulate a modal window.
  • Events - subscribe to widget events. Read more about them in our doc.

Added a trigger badge that shows the count of unread releases.


Added new hideBadge attribute to hide the new trigger badge count.


Added new direction and triggerDirection attributes to specify the direction in which the widget should appear.

  • direction - accepted values: left, right, center.
  • triggerDirection - accepted values: left, right.

Added new width attribute to specify the width of the widget. Useful for when using the center direction and simulating a modal window.


Ability to click on the release links.


Added new ready event. Triggered when the widget is loaded and ready to go.


Added new `new_release` event. Triggered when new release is available.


Added new `read` event. Triggered when new release is read.


Fixed the Subscribe button URL


Fixed the project scoping.


Fixed the release change list font size.

Widget v1.1.0

We’ve gone dark y’all! We are following up on our previous release and rolling out dark mode for our widget. Unlike the page, dark mode is enabled programmatically, with no toggles.

While embedding the widget, you now have an optional theme attribute that you can pass. It accepts one of three values:

  1. light - light theme
  2. dark - dark theme
  3. auto - auto-detect based on the user’s computer system settings

We default to our usual light theme to avoid shocking your eyes with the new theme. In the future, this property default value be changed to auto.

onsetWidgetSettings = {
  page: 'releases.onset.io',
  triggerText: "🔔 What's New",
  theme: 'dark',

Check out our widget documentation for more configuration options.

Introducing Dark Mode

We’ve got a special gift for you today - Onset dark mode. It’s finally here! Page light and dark themes are automatically toggled based on your computer’s system settings. Of course, you can override the system settings by manually toggling the switch in the header.

P.S. Don’t forget to upload a dark mode-friendly version of your logo in the Settings → Appearance.

We worked on our editor and made various changes that we are proud to share. The main one that we are most excited about is the new image upload functionality.

Previously, we only allowed you to embed images via URL from an external source. We understand that it was somewhat of a frustrating process, so we decided to fix it. You can now upload images directly to the platform without using any other third-party hosting, and it’s completely free.

🤔 Did you know?
While adding changes, you can use cmd/ctrl + return to add a new change line item.


Ability to upload images directly in the editor.


Option to add ordered list items.


Added .ico image support for page icons.


Fixed various billing subscription bugs.

May 2022

We cooked up another new feature, Labels! Create labels to help organize and filter releases across projects.


From Address - send release notification from a custom email address.


Option to create organizations without a sample data.


Changed the public release indicator to something little fancier.


Fixed the various integration settings page bugs.

API v1.1.0

  • May 22, 2022
  • API
  • v1.1.0

/labels - endpoint to retrieve, create, edit and delete labels.


To label releases, you can pass array of label_ids in the release payload.


Returning slug in the release payload.


Updated the documentation with better examples.


Fixed the DELETE endpoints.

April 2022

Loom Video Support

You can now insert Loom videos into your release notes!

Here is an example of a valid Loom video URL:



Loom video support.


Ability to edit already embedded videos, images and links.


Disabled the href links while editing, so you can easily update them.


Fixed the Mailchimp sync and using the original subscriber timestamp as the subscription date.