March 20, 2023
Advanced Page Protection

Introducing the latest additions to Onset's suite of features, JWT Single Sign-on and Protected Page Scopes. Our goal with these features is to enhance the overall user experience by streamlining the login process while providing maximum flexibility and control.

JWT Single Sign-on

JWT SSO allows you to authenticate users in your systems, tell Onset that the user has been authenticated, and grant your visitors access to your page.

Protected Page Scopes

Page Scopes allow you to publicize Release Notes and Roadmap items with specific projects or labels while maintaining secure, authorized access to the rest of the content.

JWT SSO and Page Scopes are ready for public beta and available for testing. You can enable them from the Onset Labs page.


Added /robots.txt to public pages.


Added new “Preferences” page to manage all page related settings.


Moved settings options from the Privacy page to the new Preferences page.


Fixed the pagination bug related to release and roadmap list page.


Excluded unsubscribed emails from the “All Subscribers” list.


Fixed the page content reload on project and label updates.